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An Experience and a Community

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What is Pink Passport Society?

Truly it is an experience and a community. A pink passport gives you access to new opportunities and adventures; our society is a collaborative community of like-minded women. Pink Passport Society is the place where you can create your 2nd Act or achieve your big audacious goals for the lifestyle business you’ve dreamed of. Taken a step further, you can become a multipreneur in a safe space, in a supportive environment of other multipreneurs and money mavens.


Japanese term meaning “continuous improvement.” We believe in life-long learning, growing and becoming.

Our Guiding Principles


Every time you leave one of our events or workshops, we want you to feel inspired, motivated and uplifted, knowing that you’ve gotten your money’s worth, and better: you have a clear plan of action to reach the next level.


We will always strive to continually surprise you and give you “a little something extra” so meet ALSE (pronounced like Alice) every time you come out to play!

Create your Second Act or achieve your

big audacious goals

Membership has its



Special Member Pricing for our Annual Divas & Diamonds Luncheon Series


Trading in Tiaras – monthly Zoom Group Investment coaching


Exclusive Video Training Series: Network Like You Mean It


Exclusive Video Training Series: Cosmopolitan Leadership


Special Pricing from our Partners


There’s so much more when you become a member.

Member Benefits
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