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Take Five, Superwoman: Self-Care for Working Women

To be clear, I am a proud card-carrying superwoman. There is no shame in my game: I am happy that I can “do all the things.” So, this will not be a blog about hanging up your cape. Indeed, these are challenging times and if we are to rise to the occasion, as indeed we must, sometimes we have to do the heavy lifting ourselves.

I will add, however, that I am also smart enough to know when I need to take a break. That is what I want to talk about. You need to take five and recharge before you get sick or make an irreversible error. Don’t undo all your great work because you’ve been going so hard and fast for so long that you can’t tell up from down. When you become bleary-eyed and muddle-brained, hit the pause button.

When too many silly mistakes start piling up, I know I may be overdoing it a bit. For example, I love Cream of Wheat for breakfast but I’m trying to cut down on carbs so I’ll take periodic breaks from eating it. In this instance I was down to the last serving in the box and I was (apparently) so zonked and distracted that I sprinkled garlic (instead of sugar) in it. Luckily, it was a bit different, but not horrible after all. Another time, I grabbed the nail polish remover instead of toner and swabbed my face before the smell hit me. Yikes!

Or cloudy brain – you can’t remember someone’s name or where you put that file, or that word, that common word you use all the time completely escapes you. Mental fog, brain fart or whatever you want to call it. We all get it.

Whether you have these symptoms or others – you must get to know your own signs that your body is calling for a break - and take the much-needed time for respite from the hustle of it all.

· It could be as simple as taking a walk outdoors- getting your daily dose of vitamin D can feel really good!

· When’s the last time you took a power nap? Try it today!

· Jump on the treadmill with some up-tempo music, just to get moving a bit.

· Grab a snack! Maybe you’re just hangry and need a few quality calories.

· Plan a vacation – planning is a great stress reliever by the way!

· Best of all, take the vacation you just planned. People who don’t take vacations tend to have shorter lifespans. Gulp. Don’t let that happen to you.

· I haven’t had a bubble bath in years, but they certainly look like fun. Go ahead, get yourself some scented candles, a bit of wine and some relaxing music. Linger till your skin starts to pucker, or the water gets too cold.

Notice that none of these suggestions, simple though they may be, mentioned being tethered to your devices. That was purposeful. Unplug and disconnect. You may just find that the solution to the bothersome problem you’ve been mulling over pops into your head as soon as you get back to the keyboard.

Taking many mini breaks can pay off, as can longer breaks be they vacations, retreats or sabbaticals. Just be kind to yourself. You’re in it for the long haul so make sure to take care of your health so you can reap the benefits of your labors.

Be sure to visit my YouTube channel and watch the Morning Moxie video on the same topic. You’ll also find other videos to support you on your journey; you’re invited to subscribe so you don’t miss out on informative motivation and inspiration tips for working women.


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