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The Care and Feeding of Your Million-Dollar Asset

Funnily enough, recently I was listening to a presentation about life insurance and the presenter asked, “if you have a luxury car, a high-performance vehicle, wouldn’t you ensure maintenance is completed timely, maybe pay for hand-detailing, always park it in a garage or certainly away from other vehicle and birds?” Of course you would! His analogy was based on the care we give to our “things” whereas most of us essentially treat ourselves with casual neglect. Why is that I wonder? Because when he posited the question, I actually sat up a little straighter in my seat; it was as if a lightbulb went off in my head.

From that “ah-ha” moment I felt more inspired to do better. I am always reading about the latest-and-greatest healthcare tip, some I even try. And yet. Right? The struggle continues. We could always do better so I’m definitely going to make this my mantra: I am my own million-dollar asset and I vow to take better care of myself. Note to self, doing so does not involve regular infusions of pizza or chocolate chip cookies, dang it.

How much better would you treat yourself if you were a Bentley, a Rolls Royce, or a Lamborghini? Both the Bentley and Rolls are manufactured so as to need a minimal amount of maintenance (I have even less knowledge about a Lamborghini, lol). While we humans don’t have sealed engines and actually do need regular maintenance, ask yourself:

· What are you doing to ensure you are here for the long-haul? Are you doing the “preventative maintenance” to ensure your longevity such as eating better, resting (sleeping) more, exercising daily? In the long run, these are such minor things on the surface, but the impact of doing (not doing) any or all three can make a major impact on your life/lifestyle/longevity. Give this some serious thought, because even if you do nothing else than doing better at these three things you would be head and shoulders above the majority of people.

· People get busy, especially entrepreneurs, and timewise, eventually something has to give. Usually that “something” ends up being self-care. Don’t let that happen to us. These three things should be your priority, because in doing so, “everything else” becomes easier. We like easier, don’t we?

· What are you doing to ensure you stay sharp and alert? By this I mean continuous learning, growing as a person, giving of yourself in care of others, philanthropically speaking? I am blessed (read: cursed) with a curious mind. If I’m not learning something new everyday I almost feel like a slacker. Don’t ever imagine you know enough because, first of all there’s no such thing. And beyond that, the world is ever changing. As a business owner and leader of your tribe you have to stay on top of changing trends and developments in your industry – how else can you effectively serve your clients. You are the guru so keep those mental gears cranking.

I think the presenter’s point, beyond the care and feeding of your million-dollar asset, as pertains to your mind and body, is also related your earning power and what it would mean to your loved ones, or to your own lifestyle if you were no longer working. What if you become disabled and can’t work full time or at all? What if you have to change careers due to disability and have to start from the bottom or otherwise aren’t able to earn as much?

Consider, if the average pay is $50k per year, then over an estimated 30-year work history, that is about $1.5 million. At the end of the day, however, how much of that do we still retain? As the saying goes, it’s not what you make, it’s how much you keep.

Because we all have living expenses to cover and lives to live, of course we can’t keep every cent we earn. We can, however, earn more cents (and dollars) so the key is to find out ways to diversify and increase your income. This is why the multipreneurship lifestyle makes the most sense. Take the time to create multiple set-it-and-forget it passive income streams from investments, affiliate commissions, digital products, courses, continuity income, and more. Tie these income streams together with email autoresponders and you will be on your way to crafting a flexible lifestyle of prosperity and ease. Become part of our online community and when you magnify the above strategies with collaboration, you will amplify and boost your bottom line.

From the same event (Black Enterprise Wealth & Real Estate Summit) Cassandra Cummings said that “the average millionaire has three plus income streams.” I’ve also read the wealthy have at least seven income streams. But you do you. The key is you need more than one source of income as there are many risks to being “safe”. For example, inflation erodes the value of today’s dollar; your purchasing power decreases each year so if you do “nothing” you are essentially standing still and not growing financially. Haven’t we all been “disappointed” by our pay raises? As soon as the landlord scents another dollar in your pocket, he raises the rent, or the grocers increase their prices. It’s all a madcap circus. So there’s only one clear option, right? Begin diversifying your income today. Let Pink Passport Society show you the way.

Go ahead, spoil yourself. Care for your million-dollar asset like the treasure you are. I dare you.


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