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Do You Suffer from a Severe Case of BTD?

Are you Busy, Tired, and Distracted? Of course you are, so what are you going to do about it? Listen, high achievers feel pressed from all sides to do more, to be more, earn more, and every now and again it comes to a head, and you realize you need to make a change.

Every day we have a series of choices we can make. Primarily, at every crossroad you have to decide, will I take the fork in the road which moves me closer to my goals and future plans, or will I skip on down the other fork in the road which leads to inertia, sameness, settling for less than?

Sometimes we just do too much and fail to remember to take time for self-care. For example, I’m sitting here typing this blog while wearing a mineral mask which was designed to encourage one to relax and just chill for 20 minutes. But as it turns out I got a late start to my day (weekend alarm clocks are an anathema to me). I am starting my year off right, so I don’t want to go to bed without accomplishing the goals I’d set for myself today. (I’m close, and burning daylight. Okay, it’s already night time, but I will keep going till I finish.)

So here are a few tips to pull you through:

  • Get organized. Last year I binge-watched several YouTube organizers and took the lessons to heart. You have no idea how motivational clear labeling and the right tools in the right place can be.

  • Revisit and rewrite (if necessary) the goals that you have set for this year, keeping in mind the impact this year’s action will have on the next five years.

  • Write it down. Plan your time, document your meetings, track & pursue your ideas.

  • Cull the crowd. No time for naysayers and people holding you back

  • Take five. You’ve earned it!

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