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Focus on Self-Awareness

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Sometimes when I am out and about, and I encounter a flock of people, I feel like sometimes they lack spatial awareness because they don’t move over or speed up to make space for other pedestrians aka moi. Is that expecting too much, to be aware of one’s surroundings and to courteously make room for others? Serious question. I do try to be considerate and make room when I’m aware of someone approaching behind me (my spidey sense starts tingling!) I tilt or raise my umbrella slightly to allow for space when someone else has theirs open as well. These things are reflexive to me; alas, not so for many of my fellow humans.

But while we may have little impact on the actions of others, we can definitely strive to nurture our internal self-awareness, in particular as it may impact our goals and direction in life. Given the high-frequency hum of daily living, being self-aware is crucial for forwarding momentum.

Self-awareness means knowing where you are (now), and where you want to be, both literally and figuratively. Self-awareness means being intentional about your choices. Below are some tips to help you monitor and improve your focus on self-awareness on a daily.

First things first, take a commute before you start the day. Many of us have cut down our work commutes due to the pandemic. You can still do a pretend commute. Getting in a walk gets your thoughts together for something that you need to achieve that day or to solve a problem.

Orient yourself so you are prepared for opportunities that you can build upon for near-term or long-term objectives.

Clarify your priorities to those of others by sharing your ideas and plans before taking on more that may push your plans further in the future.

Use meditation, yoga, and exercise for mindfulness, for de-stressing, for whole-body wellness. Breathing exercises also have a calming influence.

Selectively choose how you want to build your business and whom you want to influence. You can decide you want to be an online-only business or brick-and-mortar, or a hybrid. But you can also determine whether to be a front-runner and industry leader or carving out your piece of the pie as a profitable commodity – either is okay. The idea is that you proactively choose how you want your business to develop and be intentional about your desired outcomes. No matter which business model you prefer, all businesses are built around the customer so whether you are a B2B or B2C business, finding and nurturing your clients of either type are necessary for long-term growth and positive cash-flow.

I now leave you in good hands, your own. I also invite you to check out the companion Morning Moxie video, the same title, as well as many other motivational videos. Please be sure to visit my YouTube Channel and check out the Morning Moxie with Larisa playlist.

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