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New and Improved...Really?

All that glitters is not gold, and misleading labels that read “new and improved” are patently false. Ignoring the fact that the words actually contradict each other, the law allows manufacturers to generously interpret that phrase. Whatever you buy, always read the label, even if you’re buying something you’ve bought before. Ingredients change. Contents change/volume (weight) changes.

Every now and again I find myself annoyed when I purchase a product - grocery item - and find that the package appears the same, but contents have decreased. We are definitely not getting what (we think) we paid for. I posted a rant about toilet paper on Facebook recently after I noticed the rolls were about one inch shorter than previously. Even if the sheet count was the same (and I honestly don’t know as didn’t keep the packaging from either purchase, which occurred several months apart), by dint of the shorter roll buyers received less than anticipated.

I’ve been pointing out these types of rip-offs for some time now, most notably when, for example, even though visually, the can looks the same, some time ago I noticed the previously 16-oz cans are now around 14.5 ounces although the price hasn’t decreased; more often the item costs more. Do we call this a sign of the times? Is this just how it is going to be?

Whether you are a B2B or B2C enterprise, you have to work hard to gain - and keep - the trust of your client. You need to say what you mean and mean what you say. You have to deliver as promised, on time and in full. When you deviate from what was, you need to be able to at least justify the change, and more importantly give advance notice of the change. Do not, under any circumstances try to slip the reduction or change in unannounced. Doing so creates ill-will at a minimum and may cost you the business. Is it worth it? Honesty and integrity should be the cornerstones of your business. Trust is everything. If you can earn it, do everything you can to keep it.

Take away: Always provide massive value combined with excellent service. Your customers have choices so make sure they choose you!

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