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Resolution Rebellion

Super achievers, rise up!

We all want to improve, take leaping bounds toward future magnificence, perhaps as yet undefined. But what about all the “hanging chads” weighing us down? Hanging chads are all the little inhabitants of “Someday Isle (someday I’ll…). Why not make a list of those niggling irritants and knock them off one at a time for a grand start to the New Year? It’s amazing what a sense of relief and accomplishment you get, sometimes even a physical feeling of lightness when you address the thing(s) you’ve been putting off for some reason, no reason or even just procrastination (as I raise a guilty hand to the latter. Sigh.)

You likely know what you need to take care of, but here’s a starter list to remind you and get you moving:

Today I’ll…

  • Hire someone to mount my flat screen TV;

  • Sign up for a grocery shopping and delivery service;

  • Purge my closet and sort into “definite donation” and “six-month closet” (if I can’t/don’t wear it within six months, time to donate) piles. By the way, consider donating business attire to a Return-to-Work type charity; men’s clothing and larger size women’s business attire are always in demand.

  • Start a blog; don’t keep all that brilliance to yourself!

  • Take that Spanish class;

  • Find a virtual assistant or offshore back office team to free up your time so you can do the All-star things you’re capable of but currently too busy to get to or do as well as you could do them with a support team by your side.

  • Hire a gardener/landscaper for all those gopher holes ruining my lawn (true story!)

That’s a pretty long list isn’t it - totally telling on myself! But I bet you could add

to it easily. What are some of the hanging chads weighing you down? How might your life (read: stress level) improve if you knock them out today? Please share and comment below.

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